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Digital rendering of Peace Corps Commemorative design concept, Washington, D.C.
Peace Corps Commemorative at Peace Corps Park

Americans have long been recognized for generosity, shared humanity and commitment to helping others, both at home and abroad — an ethos vital to the nation's pursuit of mutual understanding, social justice and peace.

The Peace Corps embodies this American ideal, implicit in the words of Sargent Shriver: “transcending boundaries of culture and language…on the common ground of service to human welfare and human dignity…to live and work with, and to learn from, peoples in need around the world, in the cause of mutual understanding and peace.”

The Peace Corps Commemorative, expressing and reinforcing these treasured ideals and values, is especially timely at this challenging moment when America's long history of constructive engagement with the world is being questioned.

Learn about the Peace Corps Commemorative concept and how you can help.